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No Regrets Series

No Regrets ebookfinal.jpg
No Regrets

If life ever taught me anything, it's that nothing should be taken for granted.
One moment... is all it takes to break a promise. Friendship becomes love.
One second... is all takes to end a life. Love becomes pain.
One distraction... is all it took to change our destiny. Pain becomes hate.
One moment, one second, one distraction.
Hate becomes all-consuming.
I'm in love with my best friend and that one second changed everything...

Living with Regrets ebook.jpg
Living With Regrets

We swore that we would never give up. We promised each other we would never let go.
And one letter is all it took to tear us apart.

Six years of what seems like a lifetime of mistakes. 
Losing control became my escape.
Six years of hiding my tears behind the lies. 
Oblivion became the solution.
Six years of burying the constant hate. 
Darkness became my solace.

Mistakes. Lies. Hate.
...The emptiness never left.

His death caused us to drift. Her dying wish will lead me back home.

One look all it takes for me to breathe freely again. Hate becomes pain.
One smile all it takes to remember who we are. Pain becomes friendship.
One kiss
... is all it took to want it all back. Friendship becomes love.

I never stopped loving my best friend and I must live with the regret of every second we have spent apart

One look. One smile. One kiss.
...but is love enough to heal a shattered heart?

Transcending Regrets ebook cover final.j
Transcending Regrets

Someone once told me to never live with regrets.
I tried.
In every piercing look, I saw the truth. 
In every heartwarming smile, I found a friend.
With every kiss, I fell in love.
In every heartbreaking lie, I learned forgiveness.
In every shattering mistake, I achieved redemption.
With every moment of hate, I gained strength. 
Every moment became a memory I will cherish forever.
But what if my One Regret
is being One Second too late? 

Burning Mistakes

Broken Promises FINAL ebook cover.jpg
Broken Promises

A split-second decision. A costly mistake.
My skin has been marred, slashed, burned and bruised.
My bones have been severed and broken more times than I can count.
I’ve been told I was unworthy. Fought through life seeing nothing but black. 
But it’s a pain I welcome.
An ache I deserve.


She is my redemption.
The flicker of fire that dances in my darkness.
Our love is effortless.
Our love is a lie.
A desire
A delusion.


She should have known better than to entrust me with her heart.
I should have known destiny wouldn’t give me a second chance…at least not one I could keep forever.
The black cloud is back.
And revenge is the only thing it has on its mind.

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